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Three Types of ADHD

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Currently, ADHD is diagnosed with types. As we learn more about ADHD these types may change, but for now there are three. This brief article will outline the three (3) types of ADHD that currently exist.

- Inattentive Type

This type of ADHD is characterized by more internalized symptoms. This means the "hyperactive" part of ADHD can manifest as racing thoughts, or a desire to always be engaged in an activity. Women and girl are more likely to present with this type of ADHD.

- Hyperactive/Impulsive Type

This type of ADHD is characterized by more externalized symptoms. This is the more stereotypical picture of ADHD. Hyperactive symptoms include the need to move often, fidget, or squirm. Impulsive symptoms include the tendency to interrupt others or take action before truly thinking through a decision. Boys and men are more likely to be diagnosed with this type.

- Combined Type

To receive the combined type diagnosis, you must exhibit both inattentive AND hyperactive/impulsive symptoms.

Receiving a thorough diagnostic evaluation (such as the kind we offer at LBP) is highly recommended. There are several symptoms of other diagnoses that can look a lot like ADHD. Getting the correct diagnosis is important because your diagnosis will dictate your treatment.


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