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Neurodivergent Empathy: A deeper connection than expected

I am always learning from the neurodivergent community. There is such deep beauty in the way neurodivergent folx experience the world we all live in. When your brain is wired in a divergent way, you get a different perspective.

Often neurodivergent folx are more sensitive to emotions. This sensitivity can show up as feeling big and intense emotions inside your body. Emotional sensitivity can be experienced as feeling other's feelings, or experiencing deep empathy.

The way neurotypical people express their experience of empathy might be through words. Neurotypicals might define empathy as the experience of, "putting yourself in someone else's shoes." But neurodivergent folx might express empathy by relating someone else's experience to themselves. Neurodivergent folx might experience a felt sense of the other person's emotional state, or experience some of the same feelings as the other person. The neurodivergent experience of empathy can have a profound effect on the neurodivergent person. It's one of the painful parts of being neurodivergent. It's also one of the beautiful, deep, and loving parts of being neurodivergent.


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